Friday, 21 December 2007

I am hoping people will respond to my musings.

I never thought that I a hot red blooded male would be shocked to see a beautiful female doctor walk into the office. I gulp and hope that she would not asked embrassing questions and certainly not want to examine me. But alass she did both. It wasnt quite as bad as I imagined - actually I didnt imagine anything - I never think about the next visit. She was very descrete - hands under paper sheets etc - not that I liked it but I guess as you get older and feebler you can expect to be treated with less and less respect - less and less.

I must admitt she was very through and has now decided I need added tests. She wanted me to again give my precious blood ; [do they know I once fainted]. I already had a fasting blood test for diabeties which ruined the whole morning. Actually I would rather be out riding my bike any day than doing this. I had to have a chest x-ray but put the gown on perfectly well actually Beth tied up the back.

I can hardly wait for my bone density and my stomach x-rays which come next.

I now have an Oncologist, as well as an Urologic Surgeon, who went to school together.
Doctors are looking so young these days but they are extremely kind and insist I ask any questions I can think of. But like everyone else I think of questions after I leave.

I was disappointed when the doctor said I would be on these hormones until 2010. Yes, they do make me feel a little tired and dizzy but all Beth's says is get use to it!
I'm getting used to it.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

You know it's amazing -- just get a few years older and your nice reliable body suddenly
seems to decide to let you know it is getting a bit worn out.

Went to see Dr. Sadowski in coquitlam today for my peripheral neuropathy (numb feet)
problem. It was my visit re this that caused the test that found the cancer.
The visit took about an hour and a half. had electric shocks applied to my legs and feet,
quite interesting - it makes you move things like toes without even trying. When I had my little interview after the tests Dr. Sandowski (who incidently was great) said.

"Well larry looking at the results everything is normal"

"Your kidding, you mean there is nothing wrong with me"

"Oh no, no, what I mean is the tests confirm everything you had told me"

At some time durring the inital interview I had mentioned that it was interesting having a Doctor (Fransen) about the same age as me because after I would give him my symptoms he would often say.
"Hey I've got that too."

So later after he had given me a prescription, blood test form, and MRI thing form, and was escoring me out the door he said.
" Incidently I have the same problem!"
I laughed and patted him and the back. But thinking it over I'm not sure if he was joking
or he really did have numb feet syndrome.

Any way I'm home and about to take my first peripheral neuropathy pill. Incidently there is no cure and they really do not know wlhat causes it.