Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Beth had sever pain yesterday morning in her upper spine and neck.

Dr. Nolte evidently was
doing the walk-in clinic at his white rock location. So we drove there and found about 20 people waiting - receptionist said at least 1.5 hour wait. So we parked on main street of white rock and walked up and down - Beth in great pain - me in a little pain - and found another clinic. After Beth telling him tylenol 3s did nothing he prescribed 'Tramacet'.

We got home and she went straight to bed after taking two tablets. Slept for two hours and felt a bit better.
This morning she is pretty bad again - we tried putting my electric pulse machine "TENS" on
her back a few minutes ago. She thought she had an appointment this morning with a massage place across the street - but it is for next Tue - I gave her a bit of massage last night, she said it helped.

Saturday, 23 August 2008


Beth and I feel so blessed to have such a loving extended family. Took Beth to see Dr. Noltey in White Rock yesterday. I have been very worried as we were to get the results of the body scan she had last week. It was to show if there was any Cancer in her bones. As we drove so many memories were flooding my mind. It was 1958, we were on our yearly trip to Saskatoon - Beth became very sick in the city of Moose Jaw - went to emergency - nothing found.

It took another 13 years of my worry, and Beth's strength, courage, devotion and love, before we finally found out she had been suffering from Celiac disease all these years. It was almost too late - she was down to 92 pounds. But she persevered and has been the leader and role model of our little family for the past 40 years - a wonderful miracle.

The scan did not show cancer, but her back is still giving her great pain - getting another cat scan soon.
Much of our family have been going camping the past few weeks - they do enjoy the time together. This weekend Ron and Donna and his Dad David will be joining the gang. It is good that he has come to visit his BC family. The past week Mary and Michael John have been on thier own little outing - should hear some interesting news today I believe. Our son Rick is on holiday ovdr in the UK working his way through several exotic (another word for old) book stores - glad he is having a good time.

We are having a big birthday party in a few weeks for Tasha, Leah, Theresa, and Sandra, should be fun.

Well guess I will end this rambling - was just feeling a little worried and so thankful for all that life has given Beth and me.

Behind the previous rants

I have often thought when reading some persons rant about a situation "what is the total story behind this".
It happens every day, people from all walks of life have grievances about almost anything. These real or imagined insults have been keeping hundreds of reporters and columnists occupied for years.
Well just for the record this is a bit of what made me write the previous few posts. I am not looking for sympathy or indeed notoriety, this is just an explanation.
I have this warped idea that one should treat your neighbour as you would be treated. I try. I expect to be treated the same by those I come in contact, whether it be at the food bank Beth and I have been volunteering or at the finest hospital in the province.

Aug. 27th - beautiful Great-granddaughter Madeline dies- just a few months old - a great shock and deep sadness envelopes family.

Oct 2nd 2007 - Appointment with Dr fransen about my peripheral Neuropathy- numb and pain in feet - keeps me awake at night -there is evidently no cure. I didnt mention my knees to him in which I have Pseudo Gout - basically a form of Arthritis which can be very painful - -of which there also is no cure. Both had been bothering me quite a bit. Have been stumbling a little and have difficulty getting up with the knees.

Oct 5th - - told I have prostate cancer.

Oct 18th - appointment with Dr Nazif - cancer confirmed

Oct 19 th - Dermatologist burns a small lesion off lip with nitrogen - told to come back in six months (have been coming back every 4-6 months for a few years) - Secretary would not give me an appointment unless I went back to Fransen and get a re referral ???? 6 months rule etc -I then asked to make it five months - Oh no - ( extra pay for new referral etc etc?? - I was very upset - cost to medical plan etc.Very concerned that it appeared a Young receptionist could arbitrarily change this several billion dollar health plan.

April 29th 2008 - Dr Fransen - told him I was sure I had lip cancer. ( minor at this time - don't think he was to concerned - I was) made appointment with Dermatologist JUNE 15TH ( originally given a September time) Dr Fransen had it changed.

May 14th - Phoned Dermatologist office to enquire if I should use Ufedex cream on my lip. Receptionist advises he does not take phone calls - ever. She is not helpful and rather belligerent.

June 10th -Dr Fain - get broken tooth out - plus two metal inserts screwed into same jaw - three hour job - very sore jaw for a few weeks.

June 15 - Dermatologist -my lip is quit bad now - he is not to concerned - says no need to take a biopsy. I mention had operation a few years ago on eye-lid - it was Squamous carcinoma. We have nice discussion about him not receiving calls from patients - I decided to have nothing more to do with a person that treats his patients only like a number and seems to have no actual interest in them as a human being - he prescribes ufedex - I tell him I have some. . He tells me to come back in two months, I tell him I cannot remain a patient with a person that will not talk to me when I call in need. He says good by and walks away - no instructions of how to use ufedex on lips.I do start using ufedex the next day using my own judgement and the internet.The way this two tiered Dermatology specialist works is - you first have to get an appointment with one that does not do any cutting operations (other than biopsies it appears) - this takes usually three months or more. If he takes a biopsy, and it is cancer you are now eligible to apply for an appointment and wait another three months.

June 18th? Dr. Fransen gets me an appointment with another Dermatologist for Oct.

June 20th Appointment with Dr. Buffan- Opthomologist - (he cut a piece of skin from under my right eye four years ago - skin graft fron other eye lid - Squamous carcinoma) he notices my lip and askes what is being done - I tell him. The good news is that my Glaucoma is not getting worse.

June and July lip continues to get worse - discontinue Ufedex about July 20th.

Aug 4th - lips very sore I have Dr. Fransen do the biopsy - I carry it over to the Lab at SMH. The Idea is to have the Cancer clinic take over my case if I have squamous cell carcinoma as I suspect.

Dr. Fransen and I think this is reasonable since I attend the radiation dept every day. Aug 7th have my scheduled appointment with Doctor at Cancer clinic She is a new doctor as my regular one is on leave. My lip is very sore and bleeding. I mention to this person that I would like to become a patient if the biopsy shows Cancer. She has absolutely no interest whatever in my situation - does not look at my lip - or indeed show any compassion whatever - just advises to see specialist get referral etc etc. - start from the beginning.
I am in a lot of pain with my lip at this time and my bowels are starting to churn ( just finished the radiation treatment on Prostate).

It goes through my mind all the TV and written advertisements for the treatment of skin cancer - the instructions to see you doctor at the first sign of any unusual sign of color change, raised skin, red area, etc - don't wait - serious - time is of the essence etc etc.

Here I am sitting in the Cancer clinic, (a registered patient) - in front of an Oncologist - bleeding lip - several months of getting the run around - and what kind of compassion do I receive - more bureaucratic runaround.
I tell her in no uncertain terms that this will just not do - not do at all. she says there is nothing she can do - I say of course there is something you can do - she says "this interview is over" and walks out the door.

Times have sure changed since I had Larry Warshawski as my doctor in Vancouver!

Aug 11 th - Biopsy results indicate squamous cell carcinoma. I take Dr. Fransens referral and biopsy results to cancer clinic - they refuse to take them - say they must be faxed over - also I should not see results!!

Unbelievable!! I have everything faxed over.
Aug 13 - I check to see if Cancer clinic has received referral - they say no. Have it faxed over again within ten minutes.

Aug. 16th I still do not know if they have my papers - Next week is my last week in radiation.
The only relative good news is that my lip is healing a bit and not very sore.

Aug 18th - One of the radiologists checks my records for me - she says I am registered twice for the skin cancer - has no idea how long it will be before anyone will contact me. It is so nice to have someone take a few minutes of their time to be helpful.

Today is Aug 23rd - I am finnished with my radiation treatments - still no word from Cancer clinic.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Maybe a little good to come

I had my 26th radiation treatment today - the ladies (and men) are so considerate
and helpful. Both of the ladies today noticed my lip (for the second time). They suggested I mention it to my cancer doctor because she may be able to get me into one of the specialists at the clinic to save time. They do have my specimen here - I brought it straight over from Dr. Fransen's office. They also said they do radiation treatment on lips. Of course my skin specialist did not mention this. However I did find it on the internet. I am about to start (have started) some in depth research into our health plan, and who is ripping off whom - as if it is their God given right.

It was a long time ago (1958/60)when I was writing letters to the editor demanding Medicare.
At the same time I was having arguments with the President of the BC Medical Assn
(who was our family doctor at the time). He was violently against Medicare in any form - and he was being supported directly in this view by the USA Medical establishment. Once it became law and he had been working under the plan for a year or so - he came to see me as I was working as an Air Traffic Controller,. Although I was too busy to talk to him at the time he later said He was amazed at the concentration it took to be an controller (he sat beside me for some time evidently but I did not notice him). But most importantly he stated " I can for the first time in my career be a real doctor - I do not have to consider the patients income before I recommend treatment"
It appears this noble experiment that Tommy Douglas spent much of his life defending, may becoming nothing but a cash cow for the few, and it appears supported by the Medical Establishment

The little dot in the left hand corner of the post below is actually my lip as the radiologist saw it. Be warned it is ugly if you click on it!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

the day after the biopsy

Well Mom says I should keep you guys in the loop (it is just a little loop).I just got back from getting a little chunck of my lip cut out - to send for a biopsy to confirm it is cancer - I am positive it is - after all I have been putting up with this sort of thing since 1972 - according to the Cancer Clinic records. -

The girl mentioned as far as she could detirmine I was the only person living that goes back that far in there records - I guess that is better than the alternate. I have been telling the doctors that the skin cancer has started on my lipsince april - of course they dont take it serious until it looks terible andfeels worse - so I have been making a bit of a fuss the past week as it is getting very painful and can cause a bit of a mess of ones lips.

This is a picture the day after the biopsy

As I mentioned to Dr. Fransen, the dermitologist's are a bit of a waste of time.

a) they do little or nothing - ufedex - Nitrogen.
b) you must wait now at least 3 months for them to do nothing
c) they must give you a recommendation to a higher level dermitologist that actually will do some operating proceedures ,if required. They must do a biopsy (the first dermitologist ) before the second one will even talk to them, or you.

Just think I went to a lot of trouble and letters toget this stupid heallth care system.
It appears it (the system) is becoming a bit of a cash cow for "Specialists"
A feeling I get from a bit of research is that General Practitioners feel the same way!.
I guess you get the idea I am not happy - you are right!

PS see that teeny little dot at the top left corner - it is an ugly picture of my lip - I tried to erase it but could not - but I did get it very small!